Aquarium de Paris

NFT collection of the first aquarium to enter the metaverse

NFT Collection for aquarium

Owning one of the 1111 NFTs  will get yourself access to enter the real-life Aquarium de Paris, an exclusive membership that can give you access to private events.


We first went to the Aquarium de Paris to examine the jellyfish that are housed there in in order to create highly accurate 3D models.



To tryout the first model we started by creating different pictures with the AI tool Midjourney and the results were just amazing. 

image 5
image 7
image 3

3D Modeling

The next step was to replicate the real-life jellyfishes into digital, as 3D Models. 

image 105
image 103
image 99
image 94


Aquarium de Paris, the first ever open aquarium in the world for public access is going to be the first aquarium to enter the metaverse as well. 

Screenshot 2022-08-17 at 11.35

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