Clubbing TV

NFT which opens the doors to the biggest clubs and festivals in the world.

NFT Collection for music festivals

Owning one of the 7777 wristbands will get your name on THE LIST, an exclusive membership club curated by Clubbing TV within the electronic music scene.

Our experience

We gained a lot of knowledge from this process, which allowed us to test out several types of materials with various types of shapes and unique text for each of them, from concept to the earliest 3D models.

image 197
image 196


The next stage was to deploy the collection on the blockchain, but before we could do so, we needed the image metadata so we could upload the images to an IPFS website like Pinata.

image 11


Some of the bracelets, such as the VIP-Partners ones, were also reproduced physically, thus we were in charge of the manufacturing process to determine the ideal supplier and the right materials that can precisely match the shape of the 3D model.

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-30 at 23.05.13


The final stage was producing each of the 7,777 unique NFTs, which was fortunately made possible by a script we developed for the Blender software. This allowed us to finish the process quickly by just adjusting the settings for each batch.

THE LIST_1 (4)

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