The metaverse of CULTURE!

Custom buildings

Metaseum metaverse is dedicated exclusively to museums, art galleries and monuments. 

Custom buildings

To help developing the metaverse for our client we start by creating different buildings that can be used as templates for people to buy it. 

image 66
image 64
image 65

Private Land Sale

For the first sale of the land in the Metaseum metaverse we prepared the visuals for the people buying the parcels.

2022-10-17 (1) 1

Payment gateway

In order to sale the land, we created, together with our partners, a place for people to buy and mint the passes equivalent to a gallery, a museum or a monument.

image 82

Curated marketplace

For the secondary market we developed a custom marketplace for our customer where people can resell their NFTs.

Mockup Marketplace 1

Let's build something amazing together!